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The Tregellas Foundation was established by the Cornish Bard, the late Rita Tregellas Pope, to advance the knowledge and understanding of Cornwall's cultural heritage. She planned to achieve this through recreation and education in the arts, literature, music, history and other recognised areas of study relating to the region.

The Tregellas Tapestry is a pictorial story of Cornwall. It was conceived and researched by the Cornish Bard Tregellas an Bluven - Rita Tregellas Pope, and designed and executed under her direction. In 1991, she brought together a team comprising two designers, Joanna Tucker and Annie Corey, and a group of skilled spinners, dyers and embroiderers. Using a variety of techniques including appliqué, embroidery and collage, the Tapestry took three years to complete.

This modern embroidery comprises 58 individual panels portraying the milestones of Cornwall's rich history and culture from prehistoric to modern times. The story shows how the Cornish took their goods and skills across the world through the centuries. Fact is interspersed with fiction, famous names are interwoven with legend. Cornwall's contribution to world progress is depicted in peace and war, in religion and folklore. Miners, fishermen and farmers are remembered with pirates, priests and inventors.

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